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Company Name: KB Transportation
Street Address: 4700 Dakota Avenue
City, State, Zip: South Sioux City, NE  68776
Phone Number: (800) 851 - 8651


K&B's driver program focuses on the person who truly enjoys driving a big, 470hp, extended-hood Freightliner conventional condo tractor, throughout the Midwest from the Rocky Mountains to Ohio.  Sure. we have runs to the Pacific Northwest and also some Eastern runs, but only for those who really want them. With our effective minimum mileage guarantee program, you'll  just know the paycheck will be there every week We know you're coming here for the miles and the money, .we don't make bones about it, the more money we both make, the more fun it is. Instead of switching jobs every month, watching for that elusive "job of a lifetime", Come to K&B and make it a reality with folks who know how truck seriously and have FUN doing it!!

Advantages for you, the Professional Driver

  • Start at 34 cents per mile for loaded and empty dispatch miles.
  • Performance Evaluation Program that gives you the opportunity for mileage increase after 90 days. Increased to 36 cents per mile for a job well done.
  • Per Diem allowance. 4 cents per mile of your base pay tax free.
  • We guarantee you 2,500 miles per week. If the miles aren't available K&B Transportation pays you the difference.   Make minimum of $850.00 per week!
  • Unloading reimbursement on loads of box meat. No touch or lumpers necessary on carcass and combo bin loads.
  • Paid weekly. All loads delivered by Monday at Noon paid that Friday. Choice of receiving your payroll include Direct deposit, Comdata card with ATM capabilities or mailed to your home.
  • 100% conventional condo fleet tractors. Equipment that comes with built-in company CB's, Jake Brakes, Air Ride suspensions and satellites.   All Freightliner Classic XL Condos with 470HP Diesels. 
  • Plenty of year 'round customer freight, with no seasonal lags - we keep you busy!
  • Permanent assigned dispatcher to keep you moving and getting the miles/revenue.
  • Trip-Pak Express for you to forward your settlement papers quickly.
  • Friendly staffing in all departments to meet you and your family's needs.
  • Opportunity to transfer between divisions and fleets.
  • Safety awards program to recognize safe driving.
  • Referral bonus program


  • Available health, life, and dental insurance for you and your family at competitive rates. 
  • Available passenger insurance at competitive rates, for our year 'round adult passenger programs.
  • Paid vacation of one week at the end of 1 years' continuous service. 2 yrs =  2 wks.
    10 yrs = 3 wks. Paid at 1/52nd of your annual earned wages.

Lanes of travel

K&B Transportation, Inc. operates primarily in the upper and lower Midwestern States.  Most lanes of traffic operate between Minneapolis, MN on the north, to the Ohio/PA state lines in the east.  To Texas on the south and Denver to the west.  We have occasional runs to the Pacific NW for those drivers based there and occasional east coast runs to the Mid Atlantic and New England states for those who run nationally.  This includes a small number of runs to New York City that are dispatched on a volunteer basis.  Typically, our freight delivers early in the morning and the truck reloads the same day.  We have trailer pools at many large shippers to assist the reload process.  The company offers the opportunity to work in one of the several divisions as listed below, depending on your home and the company's manpower/truck needs to serve the customer base.

Home Time

K&B is a family run company and understands the joy of quality home time.  The times below are the averages of our current driver base.  The 3 key factors that affect home the are

  1. Where you live

  2. How much money you want to make: Home time affect earnings

  3. Customer & Shipper needs

National Division

You will have the ability to operate the full range of K&B's area.  Length of haul can vary anywhere from 100 miles to 1500 miles.  Most of the drivers in this stay out between 12 to 19 days.  You may stay out longer if you so opt.  This division offers the drivers the opportunity to earn more money and is best suited for those drives whose family situation allows them to stay out longer.  Running the national fleet allows your fleet manager to maximize your weekly miles, exceeding the K&B mileage guarantee and allows for maximum CASH.  You can earn over 50K annually with mileage and accessorial pay.

Midwest Regional Division

In this you will operate in the shaded areas of the map, mostly.  The length of haul ranging from 100 miles to 900 miles.  Drivers get home every 10 to 14 days, not always on a weekend.  Driving at night and delivering early are a part of the job.  Fleet managers will maximize your mileage and use the K&B "mileage guarantee" so that you're home more often.  You can earn over 45K annually with mileage and accessorial pay.


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